High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is considered the best interior and exterior ramp overlay surfacing material available.

Skatecrete was originally created to supply Ramp to Rail with its own supply of ramp overlay, but it’s now being made available for the DIY, builders and manufacturers looking for options to better suit their build requirements.

Learning from experience, working together with our engineers and our manufacturing facility, we have developed a ramp overlay that is quite possibly the best material available today.

There are no gimmicks, no real secrets or disguise. Skatecrete has leveraged the years of research and science in producing architectural panels for countless applications to create the best ramp surfacing overlay in the world.

World's First

Skatecrete makes ordering just a little easier with our innovative 2 sided sheet that comes Natural Tan on one side and Natural Charcoal on the other. You need only decide which side to use the moment you countersink for screws. This simple design innovation not only takes away the initial colour decision, but it streamlines our manufacturing so that we are not having to predict and overstock one or the other. We fully expect others to quickly take our lead on this innovation.


From standard Natural Tan or Natural Charcoal to Solid Colours, Wood Grains and Custom Graphics. Standard 6mm thickness (1/4”) can be special ordered as thin as 4mm and as thick as your budget provides. Pre drilled countersunk, edge round over, or custom cutting to size - just ask and we are here to help.


Skatecrete is manufactured using kraft paper with a resin content and heat pressed under an extreme load for a set period of time that has been precisely engineered to ensure consistent and uniform saturation of the kraft paper layers. Skatecrete does not flake, chip or blowout at edge cuts or countersinks. We highly recommend rounding all edges of our sheet material for aesthetic and to take the sharp edge off. We must however round over our competitors' sheet material to help prevent chipping and delamination. The difference in quality is quite easily to verify at home. You need only snap a waste cut off and compare Skatecrete to the others, and you will not see delamination between the individual layers of kraft paper.


Skatecrete is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Our kraft fibers are extracted from sustainably managed forests. We have also invested significantly in our manufacturing technologies that have our production energy in the manufacturing of Skatecrete, sourced from in-house scrap materials. Every effort we make is a step forward, and we continue to learn and improve. Skatecrete is manufactured to a high quality standard to ensure a very long and useful application. It does not matter what environmental steps are taken if the end product does not have a prolonged useful life.


Skatecrete distribution is centrally located in North America which allows our shipping costs to be more equally distributed in each direction - North, East, South and West.


Skatecrete carries a 5 year warranty for which documentation is provided unlike any other ramp surface option available.

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