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If you have any questions or ideas for our community to implement, feel free to drop us a line! We love to listen to our members and to provide what’s wanted by the Grom community.

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Designed Groms under 100lb. Non gender specific. Multiple veneer layers of select Canadian Hardrock Maple.

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NRG Army aims to give back to riders in need. We enable Groms to ride to their fullest potential, regardless of financial state.

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NRG Deck Shapes


The popsicle is by far the most popular shape in use today. It is defined as being visually twin shaped whereas the nose and tail of the board appear symmetrical. The popsicle Deck affords the rider with more maneuverability and lighter feel. However it can be less stable at speed and less forgiving with sketch landings.


Hybrid decks combine the popsicle shape along with the wider sized deck and can be described as being visually directional. The Tail and nose are shaped to have a blunt end. The blunt end provides a very stable impact point for snapping the board for an ollie or nollie. The Hybrid is a great deck for both street and Transition.

Wide Long

Wide and Long Wheelbase deck construction is still engineered for the Grom and Under 100lbs. Wider and Longer Wheelbase decks are most preferred by riders who like to rip around on transitions such as a halfpipe, bowls and concrete pools. These decks offer up an increased level of stability and control.

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Learn How NRG Decks Are Made...

Our Decks are pressed in house. We do not press any other shop deck without NRG Army branding attached. Quality and Design refinements find our constant attention allowing us to make on the fly adjustments we hear about from our team riders, and all of you Groms out there riding and progressing using our decks.

One of the greatest attributes of the Grom is they have no affiliation or need to censor their opinions. The feedback we receive is valuable and always considered when pressing our next run. NRG Army Decks provide a range of length, width, and shape that better match the Grom and those under 100lbs.

Deck Width

Wider decks are more stable and have more surface area to sketch your landing. Wider decks are more suited to transition riding and larger street features. Narrower Decks are less stable but are easier to pop and flip. Narrow Decks are best suited for flatground and street features.


Concave in a deck refers to the dish / curvature of the deck which adds significant strength and stiffness. The concave also aids with the flipping of the board during flip tricks. The majority of NRG decks are of a Medium Concave and are considered best suited for beginners and intermediate.

Deck Length

A Shorter Deck will Spin / Rotate more easily. A Longer Deck can feel heavier to Rotate and Spin. Longer decks are more stable at speed. It is important to be able to drag your front foot all the way up the board for almost every trick. A long board with short legs is a bad combination.

Rider Weight

Our decks are designed for the Grom and those under 100lbs. At NRG we are looking to provide the lightest possible deck that more closely resembles the rider size and weight ratios to those over 100lbs. NRG Army Decks will certainly break under the feet of those over 125lbs. At this time NRG is Grom focused.

NRG Team Riders

Amanda Lee

Creative Head

Lee Stoner

Marketing Head

Monica Gala

Graphic Designer

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Groms Unite and Give Back!

Give Back Program

We here at NRG Army want everyone to be able to ride a quality deck and progress like the rest of the team. The NRG Army Giveback program helps accomplish this mission by re-deploying re-issued NRG decks to those Groms out there riding less than adequate.

That’s not all. The give back is for all. Send us your still very usable deck for redeployment and get 15% off a new NRG deck. We want to pay it forward and backward in an effort to get more Groms on the driveway, street and parks.